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PTI’s Arif Alvi, Imran Ismail released after brief detention

ISLAMABAD: On the orders of the interior ministry, Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leaders Arif Alvi and Imran Ismail have been released who were arrested by police despite an Islamabad High Court (IHC) order that bars the government from arresting the protesting parties’ members.

The PTI leaders wanted to enter Bani Gala, the residence of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, in a bid to join a party meeting when the police did not allow them to enter the premises.

After police refused them an entry into Bani Gala, the PTI leaders staged a sit-in as a protest after which they were arrested.

Television footages showed police officials forcibly pushing the two leaders in a van before whisking them away in a van.

Imran Ismail tweeted saying the two PTI leaders were taken to the Secretariat police station.

“On Nawaz Sharif’s will, I have been arrested, I was not expecting such a treatment,” said MNA Arif Alvi.

Deputy Secretary General PTI Imran Ismail said they were manhandled by the police officials and tweeted, he was “arrested brutally”.

The PTI leader also tweeted a selfie from inside the van in which the two were seen smiling.

Reacting to this situation Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the government and the Punjab were deliberately trying to deteriorate the situation ahead of PTI’s protest in November.

He said despite all the hurdles and odds, PTI would hold a protest march in Islamabad.

Speaking on this occasion, PTI Naeem-ul-Haq urged the IHC to make sure that the federal implements and respects its orders.


SC must take suo moto notice of workers’ arrest’

Chairman PTI, earlier on Monday asked the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the arrests of his party workers and supporters, who according to him, were being abducted ahead of a mass protest in the capital.

Speaking to media, the PTI chairman said that law enforcement agencies had launched a huge crackdown against his party, arresting workers and supporters from their homes.

“Under which law the PTI workers are being arrested,” Khan asked.

He said that the prevailing situation in the country was a trial for the country’s judicial system as it was responsible for protecting the democracy.



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