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Pak Sarzameen Party takes PTI wicket: Hafeezuddin joins Mustafa Kamal’s party

Addressing a press conference flanked by Anis Qaimkhani and Hafeezuddin, Mustafa Kamal thanked Hafeezuddin and his loyalists who had joined Pak Sarzameen Party.

“I want to thank all those who have joined our party including Hafeez bhai,” said Kamal. “I appeal to all those who are listening to us and have yet not joined us to step forward and be a part of us.”

Mustafa Kamal also said that his party’s ideology was to practice tolerance especially towards political opponents.

“We’re not here to kill or promote hatred or violence. We are here to end bloodshed and ensure that people are united, as opposed to being divided,” he said.

Addressing the audience, Hafeezuddin praised Mustafa Kamal and claimed that the former Nazim was a PhD when it came to identify the problems of Karachi.

“After spending three years in Sindh Assembly, I say this that opposition has no importance or value,” he said. “We are forced to look towards the Prime Minister, the Governor or Chief Minister for our problems. Mafias, instead of institutions, are operating in Karachi,” he added.

Hafeezuddin clarified as to why he had left the PTI.

“We had worked so hard to establish the PTI in Karachi, only God knows,” he said. “I had spent time in PML-N before this and was an active political worker ever since my days in college. I joined PTI since I thought they would bring about change but it turned out, Khan sahab has surrounded himself inexperienced people,” he said.

Hafeezuddin also said that he had protested at every level within the party but to no avail. The MPA also said that he would ask Mustafa Kamal to make a policy regarding the solutions of Karachi.



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