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PUBG introduces Team Deathmatch Mode

The most popular online game, Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has introduced Team Deathmatch Mode for patch 6.2.

According to the reports, the most awaited Team Deathmatch mode is now available on the PUBG test server.

In a statement, PUBG development team said that there are times when some changes are needed. The patch 6.2 adds Arcade, a new gameplay section that offers game modes separate from the core battle royale experience.

The first of these is Team Deathmatch, available in 8v8 configurations on seven different custom-made maps.

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TDM is available in first-person only, and comes with a typical ruleset from re-spawning to regenerating health, VG 24/7 reported.

The PUBG’s version introduces its own mechanic:

The Boost Gauge: This bar fills up by scoring kills and assists, and depletes by taking damage. Filling up the ‘Boost Gauge’ is necessary to start regenerating health, to encourage players to stay in the action.

Going forward: Arcade will regularly rotate new game modes in and out, though none of these have been revealed.

As for the maps, they’re based on existing PUBG maps Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar, though obviously cut down into much smaller arenas.



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