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Punjab DCOs asked to ensure uninterrupted power supply at hospitals

In case of any untoward incident the DCO concerned will be held responsible, the government warned the DCOs.

The provincial government has written letters to all the DCOs desiring them for taking immediate measures to ensure smooth supply of electricity to all DHQ and THQ hospitals.

The letters were written keeping in view the last year experience when government failed to provide alternative electricity sources to the hospitals during load-shedding and ultimately the patients had to suffer.

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The DCOs are directed to visit all the hospitals in their respective jurisdictions to check that all air conditioners of the wards/emergencies/healthcare facilities are fully functional.

The DCOs will further probe that if there are any illegal connections from the generators to the residential colonies or any other premises other than hospital.  The provincial government has warned DCOs that if they found any such discrepancy after June, the DCO concerned would be held responsible.

The officers will further assess where the capacity of the existing generators matches the current as well as future requirements of the hospitals. They will also ensure fuel allocation for such generators matches the current as well future requirement of the hospitals.

They will further be responsible to ensure double-source of electricity for hospitals. The DCOs are further entrusted the task of examining whether the capacity of existing transformers is as per the requirement of hospitals and if it is not then what measures have so far being taken to address the issue.

The provincial government has further conveyed to the DCOs that in case of any illegal connections or any pending liability on the part of the hospitals and their colonies, detailed working to be carried out to determine individual liability and to suggest different workable options for recovery of the outstanding liability.



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