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Punjab government provides financial aid to ailing actor Majid Jahangir

For those of us who were ardent fans of the popular comedy show Fifty Fifty, Majid Jahangir needs no introduction. The Pakistani actor who made audiences roar with laughter and joy from the days of old, is currently ill. Majid had implored the Punjab government for financial aid in order to pay for his treatment, received a cheque of Rs. 0.5 million.

Majid, who had also conducted a press conference at the Lahore Press Club and asked for aid from Punjab government a couple of months ago, was quite happy that he had received the aid.
“I am happy that Shahbaz finally considered my request and gave me money for my treatment. I have struggled a lot for this and am satisfied now that someone has listened to me,” he said.

Majid, who lost his body to paralysis last year, had earlier stated that he had performed the Umra pilgrimage and prayed a lot to God for help.
“I recently performed umrah and prayed a lot there,” he said.  “I am an actor and cannot leave my profession. Surely, I will start working again after regaining my health. I request our government to listen to actors in hard circumstances as we spend our lives giving happiness to others,” he finished.

It should be borne in mind that PPP member and politician Sharmila Farooqui had also previously handed a cheque of Rs. 0.4 million to Majid Jahangir. President Mamnoon Hussain had also approved an amount of Rs. 0.3 million for the ailing actor.

The treatment had, however, depleted Mr. Majid’s financial resources a great deal.



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