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Punjab governor assures family of Sahiwal encounter victims of justice

LAHORE: Punjab Governor Mohammad Sarwar on Sunday assured heirs of Sahiwal police encounter victims of justice in the painful incident, ARY News reported.

“The nation is aggrieved on the savage incident. Everyone is in deep anguish about brutal killing of unarmed parents before their kids,” Sarwar said in a video message.

He said being the governor he assured that justice would be served.

The Punjab governor said the prime minister and Punjab chief minister were paying special attention to the incident. “Nowhere in a civilised society could permission be given for such an incident. The culprits will be brought to justice at any cost.”

Sarwar said the state would provide protection to the orphaned children like its own. He said every possible effort will be made to overhaul future of the children.

It is pertinent to mention here that at least four people including two women were killed and a child was injured during an alleged police encounter by Sahiwal police on Saturday.

CTD’s version of events

The CTD officials relayed that a car was signaled to stop along with a bike near Sahiwal Toll Plaza but the alleged terrorists resorted to firing, adding that three terrorists were able to flee away. “This incident was a continuity of the Jan 16 operation carried out in Faisalabad.”

Eyewitnesses’ version of incident

Eyewitnesses relayed that police officers began firing at a car from behind, adding that no weapons were recovered from the car nor did anyone from the car got engaged in retaliatory firing.

The eyewitness said one deceased woman aged around 40, whereas the injured child was around 13 years old.

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