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Punjab govt directs responsibility of schools during monsoons to DCOs

After having reports of highly unusual rains during monsoon in the country, the provincial government has conveyed to all the district governments for adopting measures for the safety and security of public school buildings as top priority.

The DCOs will issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) before opening of the schools after summer vacations. The children and school support staff will not be allowed to use the dangerous class rooms and buildings after the opening of schools. 

The provincial government has directed the DCOs for ensuring the safety of buildings and children of all public and private schools. They will further check rain-water puddles in school premises and get roofs of buildings to be swept and cleaned to ensure that no rain water has been accumulated. 

In case there is any damage to any public school building due to rain water, the DCO will have to immediately communicate it to the school education department on weekly basis in hard and soft form to get it repaired from the Annual Development Program. 



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