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Punjab govt’s measures put two Lahore heritage sites in danger, LHC told

LAHORE: Measures of the Punjab government have put two heritage sites of Lahore in danger, the Lahore High Court (LHC) was apprised on Thursday.

Status of Shalamar Gardens is feared to be affected as a world heritage site because of the Orange Line Metro Train project, while the provincial government has started construction of a restaurant in Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort) in violation of the law, the court was informed during the hearing held by Chief Justice LHC Mansoor Ali Shah.

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Petitioner’s counsel Amir Saeed said the government was constructing a restaurant in Shahi Qila, while according to law one could not make any construction up to 200 feet of a heritage site’s premise.

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“The provincial government has begun construction of a restaurant for 300 persons in the name of rehabilitation of the Royal Kitchen, which is against the law,” he said adding that it could damage status of Shahi Qila as a world heritage site.

Earlier, the lawyer said, Shalamar Bagh got affected of Orange Line project due to which the Pakistan government consequently received a notification from UNESCO to halt the project.

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Amir Saeed said the high court had already issued a stay order to stop construction on the train project, however construction was still going on in violation of the court order.

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The government attorney told the court that no new building was being constructed, but only kitchen was being rehabilitated to facilitate masses in the restaurant.

Demanding complete record, including rehabilitation notification of the Royal Kitchen, the court has adjourned hearing until second week of December.

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