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Punjab deliberates bird hazard control to curb birdstrikes, other incidents

LAHORE: Additional Chief Secretary Punjab Irum Bukhari chaired Monday a session over bird hazard control set up in the province for implementing the strategy to curtail the incidents of bird strikes and other probable hits to aircraft in the airport vicinity, ARY News reported.

The session deliberated over a number of possible solutions to avoid unpleasant instances around the airports as the Pakistan Air Force officials apprised the session of the inconveniences and accidents in the flight operation.

Pigeons hovering near the airports, flying kites, aerial firing, and laser lights pose dangers to flight operations, the session settled, noting the latter three unnatural causes be restricted by banning such an activity in the airport regions.

Irum Bukhari suggested these areas be declared red zones and directed session members to install sign boards claiming red zones and restricted areas. She says anyone found violating the directives may be held legally accountable for their actions.

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Separately to be reported from the aviation department earlier last month, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has decided to install the acoustic bird repellent system at the country’s airports to ensure flight safety.

According to PCAA officials, the system will be installed at Karachi and Lahore airports to avert bird strikes.

The aviation regulator has invited Expression of Interest (EOI) from well-reputed firms and individuals having experience in wildlife management preferably at airports to work out a feasibility report in this regard.

Sources within the PCAA said this system will help reduce the incidents of bird strikes. The system will be installed at the main and secondary runways of both Karachi and Lahore airports.



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