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Punjab minister confirms funding of 'ghost seminaries'

LAHORE: Home Minister Punjab, Colonel (R) Shuja Khanzada Monday revealed that out of 16000 registered seminaries, 12000 exist while the remaining 4000 have no presence yet they are being funded from abroad, ARY News reported.

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Talking to media here, Shuja Khanzada revealed that there exist 4000 ‘ghost seminaries’ which are being funded from abroad.

He said that the provincial authorities have obtained required data of 90 percent madaris, while the Wafaqul Madaris cooperated with the government in this regard.

The home minister said that writ of Taliban and banned outfits, no longer exists anywhere in the country.

He told that nearly 500 foreign students are still studying at different seminaries, despite their visas have expired, however they will be deported soon.

Khanzada said that not just Shahbaz Taseer and Ali Haider Gillani, but the Taliban have kidnapped hundreds of others from Punjab.

Commenting on the announcement of rallies by seminaries’ leadership, he said that holding rallies is their right, however nobody will be allowed to vandalize the public property.

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Punjab minister confirms funding of 'ghost seminaries'

by Kashif Imran