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Punjab toughens stance on child labour exploitation

The occupier who will employ or permits to work a child can be punished for six month imprisonment with fifty thousand rupee fine.

According to the ordinance, a person who abets such offense including the guardian or parents shall equally liable for the offence along with the parents. However, the adolescent aging between 15 to 18 years can work not exceeding three hours in a day.

“And if the adolescent is required to work for more than three hours in a day, the occupier after the initial period of three hours provide a mandatory interval of at least one hour. The total period of work of an adolescent in a day including the mandatory interval for rest shall in no case exceed seven hours.”

The ordinance further makes it clear that the working hours of adolescent should not be in conflict with the timings of the educational or vocational institutions where he is enrolled. Moreover, the occupier shall allow adolescent employed in the establishment a holiday of at least one whole day in a week.

Punjab government has fixed punishment with imprisonment for a term of seven years with a fine of one million rupees for using or offering a child or adolescent for prostitution or pornographic performances or any other illicit activity.

The ordinance empowers the inspector for sealing an establishment for seven days after finding the owner or occupier violating the law.



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