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Punjab’s electricity, gas compromised upon to get power: Pervez Elahi

Elahi said that load shedding has ruined all business prospects in province and the labour is suffering from its bad impact.

The PML-Q leader was of the view that over 22 hours load shedding in Punjab is forcing the industries to close and the people who voted the government in are protesting for employment and electricity.

He maintained that the reality of Nandipur, Och, Gaddu and Sahiwal power projects is before the public as after promising to enter thousands of megawatt electricity in national grid, the government has failed to even produce a single megawatt.

It must be remembered that PML-Q  along with Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Sunni Ittehad Council is planning a public revolution against the present government and meetings are underway in this regard.



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