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Putin carries the crown of World's Most Influential People 2014

Since 2009 FORBES’ compiles the list of world’s most powerful personalities every year.  Likewise, the list of Most Powerful People of 2014 has also been declared.  According to the list Vladmir Putin president of Russia tops the list as the most powerful person on earth. American president Barack Obama ranks second.

FORBES annual ranking is based on 72 Most Powerful People (one for every 100 million people on the planet). The ranking is based on political and financial resources, use of power and their impact on number of people.

Putin is crowned with the top seed for the second time he was the most powerful person of 2013 also. This time after showing armed possession in Crimea and waging a proxy war in neighboring Ukraine the president of nuclear-tipped state has taken the top niche again. Barack Obama, the leader of superpower is on second and Chinese leader Xi Jinping stands third in the list.

The list has nine women and for the first time two women have made it in the top ten of Most Powerful People 2014 list. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ruling the world as most powerful woman on the planet according to FORBES.

Unfortunately, there is no Pakistani in the list whereas, Indian PM Narendre Modi is the new entry in the list of Most Powerful People 2014. He is on 15th.



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