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Putin-themed Nokia 3310 goes on sale in Russia

MOSCOW: A Russian phone company has paid tribute to Vladimir Putin by creating his face-themed mod for the Nokia 3310 handset.

The legendary Nokia phone has just been relaunched by HMD Global amid much fanfare; with the Caviar phone company responding by offering a bespoke version they have christened the ‘Supremo Putin’.


The company says the “Supremo Putin” offers a bas-relief of the president, plus “plaques with a quote from the National Anthem and a thin mesh-like engraving, applied to the body by hand.”

According to the RegisterUK, the phone also ships in a “luxurious varnished wooden case” lined with black velvet.


Caviar says its gold and titanium features gives the phone the “luxury, style and character of president Putin, the most popular man in Russia”.

They added: “The return of the iconic phone from Nokia has not gone unnoticed by the Caviar designers, who immediately after the new edition of 3310 [was unveiled] introduced its own version.”




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