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Putin's disappearance causes international storm!

The world has been taken by storm over the disappearance of Russian President Vladmir Putin. The popular Russian head of state was last publicly seen on 5th March 2015 and has not been spotted ever since, an unusual thing since Putin is seen quite frequently across news channels, issuing statements or committing bravado acts.

The flamboyant Russian President has previously posed shirtless, pictured alongside a tranquilized tiger and also captured a black belt. Vladmir’s absence has given rise to some serious (some light) speculations as to the reason for his disappearance. Some stated he had been the victim of a coup whilst others remarked that an alien abduction had taken place, whisking him away to another plant to rule therein. Others were of the view that he had absconded with his lover and new born son to Switzerland. Here’s a look at some interesting tweets regarding Putin’s disappearance:-




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