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Qadeer expresses grief over Karachi's situation

KARACHI: Renowned atomic scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has expressed his grief saying that a beautiful city like Karachi has been ruined, whilst the Government has sold the Euro Bonds, but the amount earned will be swallowed and the people will be left behind to pay interest – ARY News reports.

Addressing the launching ceremony of a book "Rajgaan Maiwaat" organized by Khanzada Rajput Welfare and Wasila Foundation, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan said that the people always vote for inappropriate ones, due to which nothing changes in the country.

He said that while he was a youngster, no cheating used to take place in exams, nor the papers were leaked out. Qadeer stated that strikes were not observed in Karachi and said that he is proud of being a resident of the metropolis.

The renowned scientist recalled Frere Road's 'Lassi' and cutlets of Bohri Bazaar, yet expressed his unease for not being able to visit these places due to security reasons.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan told that he used to live in Mira Naka area, located at short distance from Chakiwara, Lyari Town and said that he used to walk and travel in buses to attend classes in DJ College.

Qadeer said that the services rendered for Pakistan, by the people of Karachi and Sindh are evident on everyone, for the masses, who migrated to Karachi at the time of partition, were quite educated and literary. He continued that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Ghulam Ishaq Khan also belonged to Khanzada fraternity.

Speaking about the book, he told that the people of Maiwaat State laid all their assets for the sake of Pakistan, and the book 'Rajgaan Maiwaat' is a priceless publication of present times.



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