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Qadri announces to head towards the Parliament House

Addressing a huge gathering of the participants of the Inqilabi March, Dr Tahir ul Qadri said this is the first meeting of the people’s parliament and told that he is going to ask some questions, to which the participants had to answer.

His first question with the people was should the sit-in be shifted in front of the Parliament House, to which the crowd answered in ‘yes’. Dr Qadri in asked several questions regarding revenge of PAT martyrs of June 17 and August 10, stepping down of the prime minister and the chief minister, dissolution of the assemblies, true democracy, formation of a national government for democratic reforms and several others, in a similar manner.

He then inquired the people is it a unanimous decision by them or is there some difference of opinion.

Afterwards, the PAT chief formally announced that the people’s parliament has decided and now the sit-in will be shifted in front of the Parliament House. He also asked his followers to remain peaceful and to ensure that no loss of life or property occurs.

Qadri asked his workers to commit these things with him, prior to moving towards the Constitution Avenue.

He said that several political parties including the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) have staged demonstrations in the Constitution Avenue, in front of the Parliament House and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The PAT chief said anybody can go anywhere in Pakistan, provided he is peaceful and is not causing any harm, so the participants of the Inqilabi March also have the same right.

He told the government, “We do not have any intention of violence or militancy and requested the authorities to let the people go to the Parliament House, remove the blockades and to prevent the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) from any clash with the people”.

Tahir ul Qadri guaranteed that there will be no act of violence by the participants of the Inqilabi March, police and LEAs should not charge batons or fire tear gas on peaceful people.

He said, “We do not want any bloodshed on the soil of the federal capital of Pakistan, not even a single drop of blood to pour down on it”.



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