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Qadri asks parliamentarians to leave assemblies within 48 hours

Addressing the participants of the Inqilab March, Dr Tahirul Qadri praised their determination and patience for staging a sit-in in Islamabad for the past 12 days. He said that the participants endured scorching heat and heavy rains, yet they did not fluctuate from their stance.

The PAT chief said there is no example of such determination in the history of Pakistan. He said the Inqilab March has entered into its final phase of a revolution and the members should evacuate all the assemblies at the earliest.

Qadri said, “We do not consider this government and assemblies to be legal and constitutional”.

Showing the participants a burial shroud, Dr Tahirul Qadri said, “Today I have decided either this shroud will be worn by me or it will fall over the Nawaz-government. I have come here to give the final call of a revolution, with a desire to embrace martyrdom”.

He warned the parliamentarians to leave the assemblies before the deadline ends.

The PAT chief said the General Elections 2013 were unconstitutional and so were the assemblies formed after it.

He quoted Afzal Khan as saying, “Not just 35, but hundreds of punctures were inflicted, while 90 percent of the elections were rigged in 2013”.

Qadri said the government negotiated only for the sake of wasting time, it was not intended to resolve the issue.

He also paid a tribute to the martyrs of Model Town incident and said that their blood provided strength to this struggle.

The PAT chief said that the government is trying to escape the aftermath of the Model Town massacre; it is trying to temper the report of the joint investigation team (JIT).

Dr Tahirul Qadri claimed that two of the JIT members wrote a note against the government and declared it responsible of the killing of 14 people. He demanded the government to bring forth that very note within this 48 hours’ period.



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