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Qadri calls PTI ‘terror outfit’ over Lahore shutdown

With its rowdy behavior and approach, the PTI has now once again proved that it is a terrorist organization instead of a political party, he said while addressing a press conference here.

“Lahore has rejected PTI’s protest call as areas including Badami Bagh, Moon Market, Iqbal Town are remained open,” he added.

He said action would be taken against those blocking roads and attacking Metro Buses.

He said blocking roads and streets was against the fundmantal rights of citizens.

Qadri  said he appealed that high court to charge Imran Khan with violation of Lahore High Court orders.

The PML-N leader also showed video footage at a briefing wherein some protesters were spotted attack public places. He said now FIR would be registered against those ‘miscreants’ seen in the video.



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