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Qadri demands death penalty for corrupt, foreign-funded people

Addressing his workers and followers at the D-Chowk, Dr Tahirul Qadri said, “Your peaceful protest has shaken the power corridors and the rulers are afraid of this awareness among the oppressed people”.

He said that the announcement of death penalty to opium-addicts revolutionized the Chinese nation and demanded the same penalty for two sorts of people here in Pakistan.

Explaining his demand, the PAT chief said a person who is ever funded by a foreign country, internal or external secret agency in order to spread unrest in Pakistan should be hanged to death, while he demanded the same for the one who is involved in any kind of corruption.

He said that when China can execute its masses over the use of drugs and the United States (US) can impose a death sentence over those involved in terrorism, then why can’t Pakistan do so.

Qadri said that widespread corruption in Pakistan has weakened the basis of the country and it is the biggest terrorism here.

Drawing comparison between China and Pakistan, he said that people are addicted to corruption in Pakistan like the way Chinese were addicted to opium, before a revolution there.

He said, “Whoever was funded in the name of religion or politics, whether by an Arab or Persian state, or by any foreign state from East to West, he should be executed”.

Dr Tahirul Qadri said, “We present ourselves first of all and challenge the rulers to prove any foreign funding as they allege, even about the Minhaj ul Quran International and this sit-in”.

He said that an unbiased commission should be formed to hold the trial of all the people involved in corruption or who acquired funding for any campaign to spread chaos in the country, since 1980 to the date.



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