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Qadri refuses to accept any JIT under CM Shahbaz Sharif

In his address to the PAT workers through a video link, Dr Tahirul Qadri questioned if the officials of the Punjab or Balochistan Police were to be inducted in the JIT, then why did the government wasted five months for this.

He said that the government is misguiding the nation by referring to CCPO Abdul Razzak Cheema as an official of Balochistan Police, despite the fact that he is an official of Punjab Police, who is currently on deputation in Quetta.

The PAT chief also claimed that the CCPO Cheema is also one of the close friends of the Punjab CM, Shahbaz Sharif. He added that Razzak Cheema is the same man, whom his party had declared as ‘persona non grata’ for the JIT.

He said that there are murder cases registered against PM Nawaz Sharif and the Punjab CM and inquired how can a murderer have a right to supervise investigations against him.

Qadri also questioned that who will furnish the arrest warrants of the prime minister and the chief minister, and who will dare arresting them.

Moreover, he once again reiterated his stance of not to let the blood of Model Town martyrs go in vain.





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