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Qadri says Nawaz responsible for delay in Chinese President’s visit here

Addressing the participants of the PAT sit-in, Dr Tahirul Qadri said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is responsible for the postponement of the visit of the Chinese President. He vowed to shower flowers and welcome Xi Jinping, whenever he arrives here.

The PAT chief said that the government has failed to protect its citizen and the postponement of Chinese President’s visit to Pakistan is a clear evidence of this.

He slammed the members of the Parliament for referring to the participants of the sit-in as rebels and terrorists and lamented that nobody could see Shahbaz Sharif’s terrorism, when 14 people were killed in Model Town and 90 were injured due to direct firing of Punjab Police.

Qadri said, “We did not appear before the Model Town commission, yet the commission declared the Punjab Government responsible of the Model Town massacre”. He inquired why not the commission’s report is being brought into the Parliament and presented to every member.

He said that the Shahbaz-government tried its best to keep the inquiry report of Model Town incident in hiding, in order to save the one who ordered for the massacre of innocent people.

The PAT chief inquired the parliamentarians, “Do you call it democracy when the chief minister and the prime minister order for the killing of their own citizens”.

He questioned that who is responsible of oppression on peaceful marchers in Islamabad, adding, “The government admitted the killing of 3 people, while it removed other dead bodies from the scene”.



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