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Qadri sets two immediate conditions for lifeline to govt

According to details, Dr Tahirul Qadri said, “Government delegation had requested him to extend the deadline, to which I said that it cannot be extended at all, unless the government agrees upon two of our conditions, only then we will extend it that too for negotiations on other points of our agenda”.

Sources privy to the development told ARY News that the two conditions are:

1- Resignation of Punjab CM and nominated ministers in the FIR of Model Town incident

2- To provide the copy of the FIR after registration

He said the government delegation expressed its helplessness that it does not have the mandate to agree to the  conditions and will have to consult the prime minister.

Qadri said, “I asked them to consult the prime minister and return to PAT sit-in venue by 9:30 pm”.

The PAT chief however declined to illustrate those two conditions, adding that, “I will make the government delegates announce those conditions officially”.




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