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Qandeel Baloch turns patriotic, slams ‘Chai Wala’ Modi in latest video

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi has always been the target of chai wala (tea boy) jokes every now and then. The latest to join in poking fun at the Indian Premier was none other than Pakistani social media personality Qandeel Baloch. Famous very much for her bizarre videos, atrocious accent and the phrase ‘How em looking’, Qandeel decided to take on the chai wala as she deems him fit, in her latest video.

“Narendra Modi, you might have become the Indian Prime Minister, but your mentality still remains similar to that of a tea-boy. In fact, it is much more lower than that of a tea-boy’s,” she said in an impassioned tone. “India is such a huge country, can’t you leave a little province like Kashmir alone? Why aren’t you letting go of our Kashmir?”

She also placed blame on Modi for orchestrating the 2002 Gujarat massacre in which many Muslims were killed and said this was the reason why she hated Modi, the chai wala. 

Qandeel also made it a point to mention that she did not respect anyone who thought of Modi as the representative of India.

“He who considers Modi as the representative of India, I curse him 10 times,” she said.

However, she did also state that Pakistanis like her did not seek confrontation with India but wanted good relations with the neighbouring country.



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