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Three children killed in grenade explosion in Quetta

QUETTA: In a terrorising incident, three children have lost their lives following the explosion of a hand grenade which they picked up while playing on the scene, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Rescue sources said that three children were killed in an explosion of a hand grenade in the Kharotabad neighbourhood of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan.

Bodies of the deceased children were shifted to Bolan Medical Complex (BMC) Hospital by the rescue teams.

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Police said that the children lifted a hand grenade while playing in the neighbourhood and a thorough investigation was launched to ascertain the facts. More teams have been sent to the incident’s site to collect evidence, police officials added.

According to the Counter-Terrorism Department, the children found the hand grenade from the graveyard of Killi Badezai area of Quetta. The spokesperson confirmed the three children lost their lives while two others sustained injuries in the incident.

Earlier in January, a similar incident had been reported in Peshawar where two children were killed after the hand grenade they were playing with went off in the Zangali area of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) capital.

Three other persons had also sustained wounds as a result of the explosion. Rescue officials had said that the children found the hand grenade and accidentally set it off.



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