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Qureshi slams govt for crackdown on PTI workers

Talking to media at Karachi airport, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, “On one hand the government is negotiating with us, while on the other arrests of our party workers are continued”.

He also expressed immense grief over the increased number of target-killings in Karachi and declared it a conspiracy to divide the society.

Qureshi said all the claims about the Karachi Operation that was initiated a year ago, have terribly failed and the people here are once again engulfed in fear and uncertainty, due to growing lawlessness.

He said that some people had claimed that target-killings in the city were reduced by 59 percent, but unfortunately the recent wave of targeted killings in Karachi has exposed the reality.

The PTI leader said that Karachi is financial hub of Pakistan and we all need peace here. He added that if Karachi would be peaceful only then the economy of the country will improve and if unrest persists here then the country can also not be stable.



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