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R.I.P Counter-Strike: Last servers of CS 1.6 shut down

For many millennials who have grown up with the internet, Counter Strike 1.6 is probably their first game with fond memories of sitting with friends playing this game on Local Area Net (LAN), shouting and cursing one another, all in jolly fun.

Before the days of PS4’s and Microsoft Xbox’s, we all relied on games such as Age of Empires and Counter Strike while taking great pleasure in playing these games.

Albeit, the Age of Empires is set for a 4K reboot, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, but the Counter Strike is going to jog our memories of the happy days of school or college life as E-Sports Entertainment Association League (ESEA) announced that the partnership between ESEA and Counter Strike 1.6 has finally come to an end.

The ESEA has put out a statement announcing that they are officially shutting down servers for Counter Strike 1.6 with the end of partnership that has lasted for 14 years.

“Counter-Strike 1.6 has long been a fan favorite and will go down as one of the best games ever made,” read a statement on ESEA’s official website.           

“For many of us Counter-Strike 1.6 has played a large role in our life, from being the basis of lifetime friendships to developing esports legends that many of us still look up to today. It ultimately is what allowed ESEA to be what it is today,” the statement further reads.

According to ESEA, the game could still be played, however, the official ESEA servers are going to be shut.



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