Rabbani for continuation of Karachi Operation till lasting peace

LAHORE: Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani while condemning terrorist attack in Karachi has said that the security operation should continue until lasting peace be achieved in the city, ARY News reported on Saturday.

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Talking to media in Lahore he said that all political parties of the country are determined and united against terrorism.

Rabbani said that the country will face grim consequences if 18th Amendment will be erased from the constitution.

The Senate Chairman said that the Article VI could not effectively defend the constitution and the parliament.

Earlier, addressing a media workshop organized by Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE), Senator Raza Rabbani said that 18th Amendment, which devolved the powers to the provinces, is the result of the labour of 27 members of the parliament.

He said that the federal capital held the control of power and resources in Pakistan since 1947 to 2010, which enhanced a sense of deprivation among the provinces.

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Rabbani for continuation of Karachi Operation till lasting peace

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