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Rabi ul Awwal: Month of blessings being celebrated

Karachi (Web desk) : Rabi ul Awwal is the third month of Hijri calendar and it represents the beginning of spring in the pre-Islamic Arabian calendar. Muslims across the globe celebrate the month as 'Mawlid' means 'birth' in Arabic as the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (P.B.U.H) was born in the same month.

The celebration of the 'Mawlid' is done differently depending on the country. In some areas celebrations begin as early as the first of the month and can continue till the end of the month. Muslims generally put coloured lights on roads, streets, and their homes and put green flags as well to celebrate.

In Pakistan, the preparations begin from the first of the month when the moon is sighted and it continues till 12th of the month. Mosques, public buildings and streets are decorated with coloured lights and flags, rallies are conducted and religious gatherings 'Melad' are organized. It continues till the night of 12th Rabi ul Awwal which is widely quoted to be the date of birth of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

ARY NEWS talked to people of different age and creed and tried to know about their devotion towards the day, meanwhile a Christian woman also said that may this month become a real blessing for the people of Pakistan.

A lady expressed her fear related to the terrorist activities which has become a usual practice unfortunately on such days and she prayed for safe celebrations nationwide.

ARY NEWS has also arranged a competition of 'Naat Khuwani' on its Facebook page, where the most liked 'Naat Khuwan' will be rewarded by a special gift hamper.

Rabi ul awal



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