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ARY News journalist wins Jamal Khashoggi Award for Courageous Journalism

LAHORE: ARY News journalist Rabia Noor has won the inaugural Jamal Khashoggi Award for Courageous Journalism.

She is one of the five journalists and only Pakistani to win this award. She is also the only winner who belongs to Asia.

The award was administered by Inti Raymi Fund, an international human rights and philanthropic organisation. The award is given to journalists who demonstrate exemplary courage in the line of duty.

The jury selected her for her reporting on topics that are considered taboo and ‘too bold’.

She dedicated the award to her mother and all the struggling women in the world, urging everyone to stay struggling no matter what the circumstances.

Rabia has done several stories on human rights, women issues, and gender issues, most recently about a gender reassignment surgery in Lahore.

The Jamal Khashoggi Award for Courageous Journalism was launched in December 2018 by the Inti Raymi Fund to honour the journalists who go out of their way to unearth the truth in pressing issues of the society.

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