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Racist trolled after raising alarm over Pakistani train driver

A man in Scotland make a hue and cry on Twitter for the most bizarre reason, and instead got a cheeky retort.

Ali Roberts, with the username @Aliii1690, tweeted to Scotland Railways in fury. His (now deleted) tweet read: “@ScotRail I’d like to make a formal complaint about your seating situation.” The official handle instantly replied to Ali, asking him to make his complaint via a certain link.

He then proceeded to reveal the contents of his complaint. “You have a Pakistani driving one of your trains…..Do you really think that’s safe?”

Now that the racist nature of his complaint was out in the open, ScotRail’s social media team decided to not mince any words.

“Yes. Very safe. Feel free to walk instead,” came the reply. With this, many others on Twitter joined the railways’ social media team in showing the racist troll his place.

Phil Richards, another Twitter user, shared screenshots of Ali’s tweet and ScotRail’s reply to the same, after the former deleted his Twitter.

“Well handled by Scotrail. I see @Aliii1690 has deleted his tweets. Feel free to RT as a permanent reminder.” he wrote in caption.



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