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Rafique holds PTI responsible for Multan Stampede

Khawaja Saad Rafique, in a press conference at Lahore Press Club, said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan was informed of the stampede which erupted at the rally but he chose not to listen.

Saad Rafique added that the PTI chairman preferred to go to Islamabad instead of visiting the families who lost their loved ones in the incident.

He added that the country has always headed towards destruction whenever the decisions of its nation have not been accepted. He added that the nation’s decisions in 1971, 1977 and 1999 elections were not respected as well.

The railways minister further said that the protesters in Islamabad were supporters of former President Pervez Musharraf and they are busy in making plots against the democratic governments as well.

It should be noted that at least seven people were killed when a stampede broke out after the PTI’s rally in Qasim Bagh of Multan.



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