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Rafique sees no chances of Governor’s rule in Sindh

Talking to media here, Saad Rafique said the prime minister has directed concerned authorities to also heed on basic needs of the people along with mega projects.

Responding to a question about Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, he declined to comment for having no information regarding the matter.

When questioned about facilitation of terrorists’ facilitators by the interior minister, the minister noted high sensitivity of certain things saying that every issue should not be discussed publicly.

He also said that he would not ask the interior minister to make the secret tape public, of which he lately talked about on media.

Commenting on India, Rafique said perhaps Narendra Modi has realized that solution to issues does not lies in fighting each other.

Moreover, he said the chief ministership of Balochistan will be handed over to Sanaullah Zehri by the end of December and the federation will charge Dr Abdul Malik Baloch with other responsibilities.



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