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Rafique sees 'sabotage' in Gujranwala train incident

The minister of Railways himself seemed confused whether the special train met an accident or was it an act of deliberate disruption.

Saad Rafique said apparently some other hand seems to be at play in the incident.

“We are getting an idea of what would have happened to the train,” the minister said. “However, a final word cannot be given prior to the submission of the inquiry report.”


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He ruled out possibility of the worn-out bridge to be the reason behind the incident.

Rafique said the condition of the track is inspected on daily basis, while investigative agencies and railways engineers are busy investigating the matter.

Earlier in the day, at least 12 persons including a lieutenant colonel were killed and over 80 injured when a passenger train carrying military troops fell into a canal near Gujranwala.



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