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Raheel Sharif should think before leading Islamic military alliance: Musharraf

ISLAMABAD: Former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf has said that Raheel Sharif should have think twice before accepting to head the Islamic military alliance.

Former general and chief of his own faction of Muslim League was talking with host Maria Memon in ARY News talk show ‘Sawal Yeh Hai’. He said Pakistan has a large Shia population after Iran,  and the country should not be involved in such a serious sectarian matter.

Commenting on a question about the former army chief General (retd) Raheel Sharif’s assent to lead an Islamic military alliance, the former president was of the view that “Pakistan should think hundred times before being involved in the sectarian issue.” Raheel Sharif also remained the Army Chief of Pakistan, he should also think over it,” Musharraf said.

” One should consider over the force, meet its commanders, see the targets and decide whether such objectives can be achieved with this force,” General Musharraf said. “If the targets are impossible then one should not join it.”

“Crushing the militants need a proportion of necessary force, otherwise no,” said Pervez Musharraf.

Over a question that “General Raheel Sharif supported you, while the new military leadership not extending any guarantee, so you are not opting to return home,” Musharraf said,”this military is mine and I am proud of it. I have remained in the Army for 45 years and held its command. Fought several battles including Kargill. The incumbent leadership remained under my command. They remain my students where I taught or knew me. How can they forget me,” the general responded.



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