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Rahim Shah's latest songs well received

Speaking to a local newspaper, Shah exclaimed his delight at the fans response to his new songs which were aired a couple of days ago on various TV channels. He stated that he couldn’t describe the happiness he felt over the fan’s appreciative response to his new songs. Currently, he is in Karachi promoting his songs by performing at various locations within the city. Even today, the Pashto singer has three musical gigs planned in Karachi at different locations.

Born in Pirkali, Swat, Rahim Shah is ethnically a Pashtun but sings songs in numerous languages such as Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto. Rahim achieved popularity and considerable fame with the hit popular folk song Gham. The song was also previously sung by another Pushto singer by the name of Bacha but it was Raheem Shah who made it famous by translating it to Urdu and ever since its release, he has had a loyal fan base. Under the close supervision of Salman Alavi, he sang Gham and also worked hard on his album trying to make it a unique work of art. His Pashto albums Meda Meda and Peera were also favored by music fans and helped build him a loyal fan following in India as well.

Raheem Shah’s songs took some amount of time coming, but it seems that they indeed struck a chord with the audience. We wish him continued luck and success with his future musical endeavors and hope that he continues to entertain the audience with the same amount of zeal and zest.



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