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Railways to donate Rs100mn to dam fund annually: Sheikh Rasheed

ISLAMABAD: Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Saturday announced that the national entity will contribute Rs100 million to Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund every year.

Speaking to media after a meeting in Lahore today, the minister said it has been decided to remove ghost contractual employees in Pakistan Railways to lessen financial burden on the Railways.

He reaffirmed his commitment to bring down deficit of the Railways within one year.

Mr Rasheed said one rupee will be charged on a ticket costing Rs100, while two rupees on a ticket of over Rs100 and Rs10 rupees on every ticket for air-conditioned class. The revenue generated through charging extra fare will go to the dam fund, he added.

He said an agreement has been reached with the Jamshoro Company which will help increase the Railways’ revenue by Rs4 billion.

The minister said Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate two new trains on September 14.

The premier on Friday urged the overseas Pakistanis to donate generously for construction of dams in Pakistan to avert the looming water crisis.

In a video message, the PM urged the Pakistanis working abroad to donate at least 1000 dollars to the dam fund so that the water reservoirs could be constructed within time and within the estimated cost.

“Our debt today stands at 30,000 billion. But one of our biggest issues today is the looming water crisis. When Pakistan was created; every Pakistani had 5600 cubic-metres of water. Today that stands at only 1000 cubic-metres,” said the PM.



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