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Rains and landslides wreak havoc in different parts of country, 18 dead

Landslides and rains became the cause of multiple lives being lost in the country.

According to details, the roof of a house collapsed in Kurram Agency’s area of Para Chamkani. Six people lost their lives as a result of the incident, including four children and a woman. The house of Haji Tamash’s roof collapsed and four children as well as their mother and father were killed due to the collapse of the roof.

In another separate incident, the roof of another house collapsed which resulted in the deaths of five people. According to details, the roof of a house collapsed in Timergara located in the Lower Dir District. The house was located in the district’s Mian Banda area. Apart from the five who had died, two were critically wounded.

Several houses in Muzaffarabad’s Sirli Sacha area were buried under the dirt due to landsliding. Meanwhile, a husband and wife died when the roof of a house collapsed in Ochar. Army’s help was sought to recover four children as well as a woman who were buried under the rubble.

Owing to the landslide, communication and roads were also affected.


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