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Heavy rainfall collapses Peshawar airport ceiling, nearby signboards

PESHAWAR: Heavy rainfall on Tuesday in Peshawar has left Bacha Khan International Airport’s ceiling to come crashing down while many sign boards in the vicinity have broken down as well as the lashing continues, ARY News reported.

The lashing downpour in the city has ravaged the area near the airport following which the authority has declared an emergency and convened rescue officials.

Due to the stormy winds, further intensifying the rainfall, the trolleys for carrying passenger baggage have all dashed outside of the airport building and got strewn around.

READ: No exiting Karachi airport until Covid report’s negative, CAA tells passengers

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has Tuesday rolled out new conditions for all the passengers traveling to Karachi that they take mandatory rapid Covid test before exiting Jinnah International Airport.

It is imposed that before exiting the airport they must determine their Covid status and upon testing positive they quarantine themselves on their own expense in a nearby airport hotel.

According to the details on the development, all the passengers who flew today in Karachi from Sharjah had to take the tests today by the special stalls put up by health department teams.



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