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Rakhi Sawant locks horns with Sunny Leone!

Rakhi Sawant has hit out at Indian actress and former adult star Sunny Leone. Rakhi seemed miffed when an Indian reporter asked her if her video will be able to compete with Sunny’s video songs.

“Please don’t compare me with Sunny Leone because I have achieved what I have by dancing, performing, doing reality shows and also by winning hearts of the audiences. I never did any adult film or anything else to achieve it. I hope you all understand.”

Although she did point out whom she wanted to be compared with and the name wasn’t modest at all.

“I am glamorous and very much upfront. I think you can compare me with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna,” remarked Rakhi. Sawant has been known to make really stupid, blunt and brazen remarks in the past which have induced mockery from critics. A couple of weeks back, she had publicly expressed her love for Anushka Sharma’s boyfriend Virat Kohli. “I like Virat a lot and Anushka hasn’t confessed her love for Virat publicly as yet. But I am confessing my love for the young cricketer,” she said. Not only that, she made a crude joke immediately after that statement which targeted Anushka’s lip surgery.

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Rakhi also discussed the fact that her main focus these days was to best Sunny Leone and outdo her in every way possible. “My entire focus is to beat Sunny Leone at the popularity game. After all, what has that girl got that I don’t have? To give her a tough competition, I have specially got a slim trim look and glowing skin, which can beat Sunny anytime.”

When asked as to why she was obsessed with beating Sunny Leone, Sawant stated that she couldn’t understand why every director or film producer wanted to cast Sunny. She was of the view that when local actresses could flaunt such good looks and were exotic beauties, then it was beyond her comprehension as to why filmmakers had to look towards foreign women for their movies.




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