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Ramazan 2015 with ARY Digital Network

With our beautifully crafted special transmissions, programs and segments being aired throughout the day on various channels of ARY Digital Network, the vast range of content will surely rekindle the passion and devotion of every Muslim.

The highly acclaimed and well loved Ramazan Special Transmission – Shan e Ramazan, is being hosted by the most famous duo of Junaid Jamshed & Waseem Badami. The Shan-e-Seher transmission will be aired from 2:00 am, while the Shan-e-Iftar transmission will commence at 2:30 pm on daily basis.

The Shan e Ramazan transmission will feature various segments such as the Quiz Show “Shan e Ilm”, “Roza Kushaee” of Kids, Naat Khuwani segment by famous Naat Khuwaans, cooking competition and much more.



The Naiki segment to be hosted by renowned Anchor Iqrar ul Hasan; a special segment where ARY Digital encourages members of the audience as well as its viewers, to reach out and show love and kindness to their fellow man, by helping the needy in their troubled times.

Nida Yasir will host the Ramazan Special of Good Morning Pakistan, from Mon – Fri at 9:00 am throughout Ramazan.

This Ramazan the Biggest Game Show of Pakistan, JEETO PAKISTAN will be creating history, with even bigger and unmatched prizes and giveaways, with 50 Cars, 500 Bikes, 300 Tola Gold, cash prizes and much more. Airing daily at 7:30 pm, throughout Ramazan.

ARY Qtv will be with its viewers, to brighten up their Sahar o Iftar with the light of knowledge from the Quran and Sunnah, throughout Ramazan. With talks of wisdom, narratives of the Prophets (PBUH), Companions (RA) of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and other beloved men of Allah.

Popular Hamd o Naat in the voices of viewers’ favorite Naat Khuwans, recitations from the Holy Quran, Qiraat Contest and much more with their favorite hosts, renowned Ulema, speakers and some of the most well-known religious scholars. Some most prominent personalities on Qtv include, Sarwar Hussain Naqshbandi, Dr. Tahir Mustafa, Raees Ahmed, Tasleem Ahmed Sabri, Allama Shuja uddin Sheikh, Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman, Mufti Ramzan Siyalvi, Mufti Suhail Raza and others.

Sanam Baloch will be hosting a special Sehri Transmission and a Naat competition on ARY News, which will feature the voices of some hidden gems from all over Pakistan. Each of the contestants will have a chance to come together on a single platform and demonstrate their talent to the world.

ARY Zindagi will feature special shows of Lifestyle Kitchen with Chef Sadat, where the renowned chef will be creating tantalizing culinary masterpieces, encouraging a healthy and fulfilling Ramazan.

In addition ARY Zindagi will also be airing a special show ‘Eidi Sub Kay Liye’ – presented by Bahria Town Lahore, jis mei millay ga ‘Sirf 1000 rupay mein 1 crore ka apna ghur, aur rozana lakhon ke innamat’. The show will be hosted by a internationally acclaimed comedian, Naseem Wicky with celebrity guests, featuring a live audience who will get a chance to experience the excitement of the amazing ARY Sahulat Bazar first hand on a regular basis.



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