Ramazan Recipe: Chicken Potato Kababs

Chicken Potato Kababs is one of the delicious dishes which can be served in Iftari during Ramazan.

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– ½ kilograms of chicken mince
– ½ kilograms of potatoes
– One finely chopped onion
– Six green chillies
– ¼ bunch coriander leaves
– ¼ bunch mint leaves
– Two beaten eggs
– One tablespoon of crushed red chillies
– One tablespoon of coriander seeds
– One tablespoon of cumin Seeds
– Two tablespoons of garam masala Powder
– Two teaspoons of chaat masala
– Oil
– Salt (according to taste)


– Take salt, red chillies, coriander leaves, mint leaves, green chilies, crushed coriander seeds, garam masala powder, chaat      masala, cumin seeds in a pan and shift it in a bowl after frying them.

– Mix masala, mince and potatoes in the bowl.

– Give the mixture shape of a kabab then dip them in the beaten eggs and fry.

– Serve the chicken potato kababs with ketchup, green chutney or chilli garlic sauce.

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Ramazan Recipe: Chicken Potato Kababs

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