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Ramazan Recipe: Chicken Sticks


– 200 grams of chicken (cut in cube shape)
– One teaspoon of kachri powder
– One tablespoon of roasted channa powder
– One teaspoon Garlic paste
– One teaspoon of black pepper
– One tablespoon of red chilli powder
– Salt (according to taste)
– Two tablespoons of yogurt
– Onion cubes
– Capsicum cubes
– Tomato cubes
– Two to three eggs
– Bread crumbs
– Oil for frying


– Take a large bowl add all ingredients except for the eggs and breadcrumbs. Refrigerate for ½ hour.

– Then thread one chicken, tomato, capsicum, onion then again chicken and all vegetables in a skewer.

– Once the sticks are completed, coat them into bread crumbs and dip it into the beaten eggs.

– Deep fry the chicken sticks till they are golden brown.



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