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Ramazan Recipe: Khajur Ka Halwa


– 100 grams of Dates (seedless)

– 250 grams of Rava

– 400 grams of Sugar

– 200 grams of Ghee

– One tablespoon of Elaichi Poweder

– Two tablespoon of Cashew Nuts

– Two tablespoon of Raisins


– Take a little milk and grind dates.

– Keep flames in sim mode and fry the rava till it turns pinkish.

– Then take a non-stick pan/karhai and boil two cups of water and include rava in it and cook it for five minutes.

– Then include ground dates with sugar and stir it well.

– Then pour melted ghee

– Take the pan/karhai out of the gas after the mixture turns     thick and then add dry fruits along with elaichi powder and mix it    well.

– Then place the Halkwa on a plate. (Put a little ghee before  hand).

– Give halwa a round shape after it cools down and serve.



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