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Ramazan Recipe: Potato Croquettes


– ½ kilograms of boiled potatoes
– 50 grams of butter
– One teaspoon of black pepper 1 tsp
– Salt (according to taste)
– ½ teaspoon of Chinese salt
– Four tablespoons of parsley
– One tablespoon of parmesan cheese
– Two beaten eggs
– One cup of bread crumbs
– Oil


– Start by mashing the potatoes then add butter, black pepper, salt, Chinese salt,parsley   and Parmesan Cheese and mix it properly.

– Now give them the shape of the croquettes and dip them in the beaten eggs. Coat the     croquettes with bread crumbs and freeze it.

– After the croquettes are frozen, fry them in hot oil.

– Serve the croquettes with ketchup, sauce dips or chutney.



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