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Rana Sanaullah challenges Imran Khan to go ahead with Raiwind protest

According to details, Sanaullah dared Imran to go ahead with his plan to stage a sit-in in front of Raiwind House. “Those who were talking about making me run, fled themselves in December 2014,” he said. He also went on to call Imran Khan a scared cat.

Sanaullah also went on to say that Imran was creating a fuss about Panama leaks in order to distract everyone from the divisions that are present in his party.

“Everyone will be held accountable. Those who are making a big fuss to hide their own actions will not succeed,” he said.

PTI chief Imran Khan had earlier stated in response to the Panama papers controversy that if an independent inquiry was not held, he would stage a sit-in protest outside Raiwind House. Imran had called for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down since he did not have any more moral authority after the Panama leaks scandal.



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