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Rana Sanaullah says Shahid Masood’s allegations adversely affected Zainab murder case

LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Monday severely criticised anchorperson Shahid Masood over his allegations against the accused in Zainab murder case and called on the judiciary to take strict action against the media personality.

The law minister while addressing media that the story of thirty-seven bank accounts of the main suspect in the Zainab case was concocted to derail the actual investigation province.

He said the entire nation feels the pain and was affected by the case of Zainab and seven other children who were sexually assaulted and killed. However, he said, that suspect was portrayed as a member of wider international network, but no evidence was presented to support it.

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He said that Dr Shahid Masood should be questioned who gave him the information behind the thirty-seven accounts. “A journalist has the right to not reveal the source. But in this case, I think Shahid Masood should be ask to tell who gave him the information.”

Criticising his adversies in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the law minister said that they do not sing praises of the police unlike Imran Khan. He question why the case of minor rape-slay victim Asma has been solved, and why the main suspect in Mashaal Khan case has not been apprehended.

He also called on the judiciary to take the case to its logical conclusion. He said that policemen involved in illegal activities should be punished, but their sacrifices in the war on terrorism should also be acknowledged.



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