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Ranbir Kapoor gets furious on reporters

Ranbir Kapoor the scion of Kapoor clan and new chocolate hero of Bollywood has been recently found attacking a channel’s crew. Ranbir is being chased by Media these days since, he has moved in with Katrina Kaif in an apartment in Bandra.

The rumors about the duos relationship status have been in news for a long time now but the couple has never made any statement about it publicly. So, when Ranbir Kapoor who shifted in a new apartment with his love interest Katrina Kaif located in Bandra, every reporter wanted to capture a glimpse of the couple in their new house.

The incident took place on Wednesday night when Ranbir and Katrina were returning to their home and they saw a channel’s crew capturing their pictures, Ranvir got furious and ran to chase the channel crew. The crew luckily fled the scene and he chased after them for some time.

Sources say that Ranvir was so irked with the channel that he captured their equipment and camera which crew left in horror. This is not the first time that Ranbir has reacted so wildly to media, the actor always want to keep his personal life separated from professional.




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