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Rangers arrest gang involved in selling expired medicines

KARACHI: Rangers in a raid on Monday arrested a gang alleged of involvement in selling expired medicines with new packing in Karachi. They also made ice drug, one of the most destructive drugs on the illicit market, from those medicines and sold them throughout the country.

Following ban on Ephedrine in Pakistan, the cold-blooded criminals started using paracetamol, Vicks and Panadol (medicines normally used for cold, cough and fever) to fulfill their evil designs by making ice.

“Ephedrine and Dextromethorphan are extracted from common cold medicines by first crushing them into powder form,” said Sindh Rangers officer Col Nasir Zeeshan.

The culprits would buy expired medicines from drug manufacturing companies and crush them into powder, then the powder was sold to Afghan residents in Quetta who converted them into ice and sold in the country, said Sindh Rangers.

This should be noted that the same crushed powder is also used in feed of fish, chicken and other livestock.

The perpetrators have been handed over to police for further interrogation. Police will also find out if the money earned by the drug peddlers through this illicit trade was spent on terrorists.



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