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Rangers encourage Karachi citizens to report ‘extortion’

According to details, Rangers spokesperson stated that the citizens shall refrain from financially helping any ethnic, sectarian or terrorist organization in Karachi and if they are being forced to pay any amount of money in the guise of Fitra, Zakat or charity, they shall contact Rangers helpline.

The spokesperson of law enforcement agency maintained that the amount citizens forcibly or willing pay to such organizations eventually lands in the hands of terrorists that disrupt the peace of the metropolis.

Sources have informed ARY News that the law enforcement agencies have maintained a list of ghost employees in different government departments and will start a decisive operation against such black sheep in the next phase.

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LEAs claim that most of the terrorism related incidents are being carried out by such employees.

Traders in Karachi have complained about extortion in the name of charity in the past and have taken out rallies and protest demonstrations against the act.



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